How to Install Pull-out Shelves

modern kitchen with white cabinets

Installing pull-out shelves is an easy task. Follow these simple steps to install your pull-out shelves and get that extra space out of your kitchen!

Cut Your Shims

Cut shims from 1/8 inch thick cardboard to place underneath your rails. This will provide a small gap between the underside of the rail and the bottom of your cabinet to prevent cracking or scraping.

Attach Cleats

Cleats provide a space between the cabinet wall and the side of the pull-out shelf, allowing it to open smoothly without hitting the hinges. Take the cleats that you made during the shelf construction process and set them on top of a shim, against the side of the cabinet. Screw the cleat to the cabinet wall with your 1 ¼-inch screws. Repeat on the opposite side of the cabinet.

Install the External Portion of the Drawer Slide

two white pull out shelf rails

Remove the internal sliding portion of the drawer slide and set it aside for future use. Set the external portion of the drawer slide on top of the shim, flush against the cleat. Screw the slide to the cleat with the screws provided with your hardware. Make sure that both sides sit evenly and that you use a shim of equal thickness so that your pull-out shelf will slide smoothly. Repeat the drawer slide installation process on the opposite side of the cabinet.

Install the Internal Portion of the Drawer Slide

attaching pull-out shelf hardware

This process is often easier if you remove the door to your cabinet first. Carefully unscrew the cabinet door and place it to the side on a soft surface so as not to dent or damage your cabinet door. Take the internal portion of the sliding rails that you removed in Step 3. Place it flush with the side of your pull-out shelf, and make sure that the end of the rail is flush with the shelf's front and a little bit up from the bottom of your shelf. The drawer slide itself will come with a more specific instruction on how much "wiggle room" is needed for a smooth installation. Use the screws provided with the rails to attach the shelf to the rail, and repeat the process on the opposite side. Again, make certain that the space you leave at the bottom is the same for both rails so that the rails will slide evenly and smoothly after you install your slide-out cabinet shelf.

Install the Pull-out Cabinet Shelf

Pull the cardboard shims out from underneath the cleats and slides. Make sure that any debris is cleared from the bottom of your cabinet. Align the shelf with attached internal slide components to the external portion of the slides, and firmly (but carefully!) push until the shelf is completely inside of your cabinet. Pull the shelf in and out a few times to make sure that it the rails have properly locked and are sliding properly. Reattach your cabinet door and enjoy your new slide-out cabinet shelf.