How to Install Radiant Floor Heating in Concrete

Radiant floor heating works on the simple principle of thermal radiation by transferring heat between different materials. Concrete is an extremely durable and versatile material that can be used in covering radiant floor heating panels. Moreover, such a form of radiant floor heating covered with concrete is very useful in homes as it provides a comfortable heating environment, is very cost-efficient, and creates absolutely no noise when it is in operation. There are mainly 2 types of radiant floor heating panels; heating tubing and electric panels. The choice between these two depends on a number of factors such as climate, installation costs, and how often it is used. To install radiant floor heating is an activity that requires some amount of planning and investment. This activity shall require the use of some tools, and a few hours of your time. The following section shall describe in detail how exactly radiant floor heating shall be installed in concrete.

Tools and Materials Required:

•    Radiant floor heating
•    Smoothing float
•    Reinforcing steel
•    Gravel
•    Poly-ethylene (plastic)
•    Concrete mix
•    Sandpaper

For your own safety and protection, make sure you have the following items on hand:

•    Rubber gloves
•    Eye goggles
•    Old clothes

Step 1 – Lay down Polyethylene and Electric Panels

Before starting, make sure you make use of the above mentioned protective gear and put on a pair of old clothes as the next few steps shall be considerably messy. Lay down the polyethylene on top of the gravel. You should lay down the polyethylene, and make sure the plastic should properly cover around 4 to 5 inches of the wall in order to prevent moisture being transferred. Lay down the electric panels or heated tubing on top of the polyethylene plastic.

Step 2 – Lay Reinforced Steel

In case the electric panel is being used, this step shall be skipped. If a heating panel is used, then lay down a bar of reinforcement steel over it.

Step 3 – Attach Radiant Floor Heating

The next step will ensure that the radiant floor heating will properly function. If an electric panel has been used, simply attach the electrical panels to the main electrical circuit of the house, and also attach the thermostat controller to it. If heating tubes have been used, attach the tubes with the main boiler of the house. However, do make sure that the tubes are securely attached to it, and do not come loose.

Step 4 – Pour Concrete Mixture

Now, the concrete mixture shall be used. Evenly spread out the concrete mixture over the radiant floor heating. Create an even layer of at least 3 inches, and make sure the layer is not too thick. As its name suggest, pick up a smoothing float and smooth out this layer of concrete. Do make sure that the concrete mixture has properly dried off before moving onto the next step.

Step 5 – Sand the Concrete Layer

Once the concrete layer has been applied over the radiant floor heating, the last step is to sand and polish off the concrete layer. Use sandpaper to give the layer a final touch. By this point in time, your radiant floor heating should be able to efficiently heat up your floor and house simultaneously.