Installing Rafter Ties

Lead Image for Installing Rafter Ties
  • 8-16 hours
  • Beginner
  • 200-300
What You'll Need
Rafters ties
16d, 10d nails
Temporary support
Ridge board

Rafter ties were invented to put together two opposite rafters. This tool helps strengthen the walls and keep it together even with the huge amount of pressure caused by the roof’s weight. When the ridge is sagging, this means that the rafters are not enough to hold the walls together. Installing your roof without professional help may require patience. You need a couple or more assistants however because it is not possible for you to do alone. Listed below is a step by step guide on how to install the rafter ties properly, assuming that you are on the process of installing your roof. Another tip to put in mind is that the rafter ties needs to be installed on the lowest possible part of the roof framing.

Step 1 – Install the Two Rafters as Temporary Supports on the Wall

When installing the rafters, you will need two assistants. First, you need to place a couple of rafters into the top of the wall. Then, nail them in place to the farthest end of the ridge board to be temporary support.

Step 2 – Tack the Rafters into the Wall End Support

When you have already set the rafters on the ends of the two walls, hold the end part of the ridge board and use a level to make sure that it is evenly installed. Then, have your assistant to nail the ridge board on the support.

Step 3 – Install the Rafters

Place one rafter to the side of the ridge board and then nail it in place using three 16d. Place another rafter onto the layout mark and then nail it into place using the same size of the nail. If you are using 2 x 4, use two end nails. The lower end of the rafter must be nailed to the wall plate using a couple of 16d nails and then attach the joint that has a metal anchor. To nail this in place, use the type of nail or screw that the manufacturers require.

Step 4 – Install the Other Rafters

Add more rafters as your project requires making sure that the ridge is evenly installed and then rafters are measured properly. Check the level as you go.

Step 5 – Cut the Rafter Ties

Cut out the rafter ties according to your measurement and the angle that your project requires. It should be precisely cut to fit the two rafters making sure that it matches the roof angle.

Step 6 – Fit the Rafter Ties

Put the rafter ties into position. The ends must be placed against the rafters which should have a ½ inch from the rafter’s edges. Use a level before installing them permanently. They should be perfectly leveled. When you have the right measurement, nail them into place using three 10d nails on both ends.