How to Install Rails on Fifth Wheel Hitches

What You'll Need
Rear Rail
Torque Wrench
Fifth Wheel Hitches

When you are fitting your fifth wheel hitches to your truck, you will need to attach rails. The rails will be fitted to the wheel hitches in order to keep them up. These rails need to be installed onto the truck first. Only then can you proceed to fitting the fifth wheel hitches to the car.

Step 1 - Install Rear Rail

Take the rear rail, and fit it onto the back of the truck. This has to be done by lining it up with the bolt holds on the back of the truck, and then applying a torque wrench to tighten up the bolts until they are tightly positioned. The bolts should be so tight that the rail does not move in any way.

Step 2 - Install the Fifth Wheel Hitch

Take the wheel hitch, and align it with the rail. You should be able to position it so that it lines up with the bolt holes on your rail. Push the bolts through both the fifth wheel hitch and the rail, and then tighten them using your torque wrench. The rails then need to be tightened in front in order to secure the wheel hitch.