How to Install Rain Gutter Covers How to Install Rain Gutter Covers

What You'll Need
Rain gutter covers
Measuring tape

Rain gutter covers are great for homeowners that don't enjoy cleaning out gutters. When it rains you'll find a lot more than water in your gutters. Everything from leaves to small animals, dirt and twigs can get into the gutters and then clog the system. Rain gutter covers are used to prevent anything other than rain from getting into the gutters. The article that follows will show you how to easily install rain gutter covers.

Step 1 - Measuring

Rain gutter covers have to be cut to fit the gutter. Carefully climb the ladder and measure the length of the gutters. Include any spaces in the tract system. Measure all of the gutters to be covered.

Step 2 - Trimming

Once the measurements are taken transfer them to the rain gutter covers and trim with the snips.

Step 3 - Install the Rain Gutter Covers

Installing the covers is simple to do but awkward. Place the ladder in the center of the gutter and carefully climb up with the gutter cover for that side and place it on the roof. Slide the top of the cover under the shingles and snap the bottom over the lip of the gutter.

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