How to Install Recessed Deck Lights

What You'll Need
Deck lights
Electrical tape
Stapler (heavy duty)
12 voltage outdoor wire
Low voltage transformer
Forstner bit (3)
Drill bit (7/8)

There are two general reasons why people choose to have recessed deck lights. The first is for aesthetic purposes, because recessed deck lighting may add a romantic mood when the edges of natural wood are lit up. The second reason is for its features. Using recessed deck lights adds safety to anyone’s area because it gives lighting to dark spots, which may be a possible source of accidents.

Step 1- Preparing the Location

The total wattage that a person is planning to use must be added up. Bear in mind that it’s vital that the total wattage should not go beyond the transformer's capabilities. The key here is to be careful when purchasing the desired deck lights.

Start with sketching where you plan to put up the recessed deck lighting. This includes measuring the distance among recessed deck light bulbs (including the transformer) and then adding them all up. The needed wiring for installing recessed deck light will depend on the total measurement you arrive at. There is a chance that you may miscalculate the math, so it is highly encouraged to add some extra wire.

Step 2- Cutting the Deck Floor

Before you begin your work in installing recessed deck lights, it is highly recommended to turn the power off in your house.

Using the 3-inch Forstner drill bit, make a flat-bottomed hole in your deck floor to every deck light location that you want. Make sure to keep your drill bit device angled at 90 degrees from the surface where the cut will be done. This will prevent the drill bit from going through the wood of the deck. Then, use the 7/8 inch drill bit for the foundation of wiring. Drill at the center of every 3 inch flat-bottomed hole.

Step 3: Wiring the Deck Lights

Once you placed the lights within the holes, the 12 voltage wiring from under the desk must be connected to the lead wire. This can be easily done by striping the wire casing for about 3/4-inch in order to reveal the individual strand of the wire. The use of electrical tape can help prevent fires or electrical shortages. Then, start stapling the wires through the deck’s underside. This also needs to be done to ensure safety for everyone.

Step 4: Test the Deck Lights

Test the recessed deck light by turning the power on.