How to Install Replacement Windows in Brick Veneer How to Install Replacement Windows in Brick Veneer

If you want to install replacement windows in a brick veneer, then you need to take extra care to make sure that the brick veneer remains unharmed while you remove and add the windows. You can do this very easily by using smaller tools than usual, as this will give you better control. Following some simple tips to taking out the window and fitting a new one can help you to get the most from your replacement windows.

Removing the Windows

Start by pulling back all of the brick veneer using a crow bar. Before you can install replacement windows, you have to take out the frames, but you need a gap in order to slide the new frames into position. You should remove all of the pieces of the old window, piece by piece. Take particular care not to chip any mortar.

Installing Replacement Windows

You can then start installing your replacement windows. Push the new windows into place, and then add flashing around the edge. Put the flashing onto the windows first, and then press it down between the edge of the veneer and the outside. Nail the window tightly into place, and then use caulk to seal the edges of your replacement windows.

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