How to Install Retaining Wall Pavers How to Install Retaining Wall Pavers

What You'll Need
Stone pavers
Plate compactor
Safety goggles

Retaining wall pavers are meant to be a sturdy structure to build upon. They are needed if you plan on building a retaining wall in your yard, especially if it is being used to hold a great deal of weight. Since most retaining walls are made to keep soil or another matter on one side or from moving to a lower area, you will want to make sure that your retaining wall is as sturdy as possible. If you are about to tackle this project, you will need a few steps to help guide you. Read on for a quick walk through of your next project:

Step 1 - Clean the Area

Before even starting this project, make sure that you are wearing gloves and safety goggles so that you do not get anything in your eyes. This is especially important since you will be worked with pavers and sand. Begin by cleaning the area that you are about to work on. Make sure that you rake and sweep and remove any dangerous pieces that may have been on the ground. It is important to start out with a level area. You can use a trowel or a rake to help even out the ground and even a roller if it is especially hard for you to get it done with those tools.

Step 2 - Lay Sand and Rake

The sand is the most important part of the process. You can find sand at almost any hardware store, but you can also buy it at a local toy store as well because they often sell it for sandboxes. Ordering the sand on line is also another option for you if you are looking for a certain brand or even color to match the bricks on the wall. Then, lay out the sand and spread it out. You need to make sure that the sand is raked out completely and that it is level and packed in tight. This is your base to continue to build on, so you want to have it be sturdy.

Step 3 - Lay Pavers

Now that you have the sand base laid out, you can lay out the pavers. These can also be found at almost any hardware store as well as on line. Be sure to fit them together tightly. You will want to then pour the sand over the pavers and allow it to get into any cracks. You can sprinkle it over and the sweep it to move it around. Finally, run over it with a plate compactor to seal it up. If you have never used a plate compactor before, you may want to look it over and maybe check out the instructions or manual before you work on your retaining wall. While it is a pretty simple tool to pick up, it takes a little bit of practice or guidance from someone who has worked with one before. 

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