How to Install Rockford Fosgate Car Speakers at Home How to Install Rockford Fosgate Car Speakers at Home

What You'll Need
AC to DC Power Converter or
Computer Power Supply
Car Stereo
Rockford Fosgate Speakers
Small Amp
Holder for Wall Installation
Computer Tower (optional)
Anchors and Screws for Wall Installation

Installing Rockford Fosgate car speakers in your home can be a complicated task. A typical car speaker and stereo are wired for AC current, while your home uses DC current. This may require the use of a converter. But, in order to make the speakers work you will need to install a car stereo, subwoofer and amp along with the speakers. This guide will work for any car speaker, not just for Rockford Fosgate, so you have options with your speaker selection.

Step 1 - Determine Installation Location

The first thing you need to do is figure out where you are going to place your stereo and speakers. If you plan on installing them in a wall, you need to make sure that there is enough space to include the amp, subwoofer and power converter in addition to the stereo and speakers. Using a computer power supply will be much simpler than a converter, but the choice is yours. You can buy a universal holder at most car stereo stores that you can use to install in your wall. You need to make sure that you have all of your measurements and materials before you try cutting into your wall. As a second option, you can install all of the components in a standard computer tower. You can place the stereo where a typical drive would go, and use a computer power supply to power everything. The amp can also fit inside the tower. You can cut holes in one of the panels on the side of the tower to house your speakers, or build a custom box to hold them that sits next to or on top of the tower. Once you have an idea of where you want your setup, we can move on to the construction and wiring.

Step 2 - Wiring Everything

You can do without the converter if you go with a computer power supply instead. The only issue is finding one that is powerful enough to supply power to your amp and speakers. Anything over 450 watts should be strong enough for any standard amp and speaker system. Now, take the motherboard output of the power supply (the really big connector) and locate the green wire. Tape the green wire to any of the black wires, this will supply the ground. Then you will take the yellow wire and another black wire and plug them into the back of your amp. The yellow supplies the 12 volt power, and the black is a ground. Now using a short wire, insert one end into the remote input of the amp, and the other into the 12V input. This will simulate your car head unit starting. Now for your subwoofer, you should purchase an amp that has a Subwoofer Pre-Output and just use regular red and white stereo cables to connect them. Now just connect the speaker wires to the amp like you normally would in a car stereo installation.

Step 3 - Finishing Up

Now that you know how everything is going to be wired, you can choose where you are going to install the system. If you choose to install it in a wall, your best best is one that backs up to a closet so that all of the components can be inside the closet and you can just have a nice head unit and speakers installed in your wall. If you choose to use the computer tower method, Make sure that you measure the diameter of the speakers before cutting out any space to contain the speakers.

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