How to Install Roll-Out Garage Flooring

What You'll Need
Roll-out garage flooring
Utility knife
Putty knife
Seam tape
Flooring roller
Heat gun

Roll-out garage flooring is a type of flooring that is very easy to install and can provide you with a very durable surface for your garage floor. This type of flooring has become more popular with many do-it-yourselfers as they look for a floor that can hold up to the wear and tear of a garage. Here are the basics of how to install roll-out garage flooring effectively.

Step 1 - Unroll the Flooring

The first thing that you need to do is unroll the flooring.This type of flooring comes in a large roll and you need to unroll it in the area in which you will be installing. This way, it can acclimate to the surroundings and start to flatten out a bit. You need it to be perfectly flat before you can begin working with it. This process could take a few days to complete.

Step 2 - Laying Out the Material

Once you have the roll-out garage flooring flat, it is time to start laying it into position. Take the garage flooring and spread it out over the surface of the garage. You will most likely need to cut the pieces to fit in the garage and you will need to lay the big pieces right up against each other. Take a flooring roller and roll over the flooring with it. This will help flatten out the flooring and remove any air bubbles underneath. When you roll out the garage flooring, you need to make sure that you allow it to go up the wall a few inches in every direction.

Step 3 - Trim the Flooring

After you have the flooring spread out over the garage, you need to trim it in. For this process, you will need a putty knife and a utility knife. With the putty knife, you can press the flooring down into the corner of the floor and wall. Then, run the utility knife along the corner and cut off the excess material. Go around the entire wall in the garage and cut off all of the extra flooring. If you have doors, you may need to leave a little extra flooring to go into the doorway a bit. Cut the flooring accordingly to fit around obstructions.

Step 4 - Fix the Seams

Where the garage flooring meets at the seam, you need to attach it together so that it will not come up. Take some seam tape and place it below the area where the two pieces of garage flooring meet. Then press both sides of the garage flooring down into the tape. Once both pieces of flooring are in the tape, you can take the roller and roll it down the seam. This will ensure that the pieces of garage flooring adhere to the seam tape properly and that they will not come off of it in the future.