How to Install RV Holding Tank Heating Pads

What You'll Need
Heating Pads
Wire Connections

If you want to make sure that the water in your RV holding tank stays liquid, even in very cold weather, then you should add some heating pads to the mix. Small heating pads can be attached to the outside of the tank, and they provide enough heat to keep the RV holding tank warm, stopping the liquid inside from freezing. This will mean that you can empty the tank conveniently at any point in your journey, even during snow.

Step 1 - Apply the Heating Pads

Before you attach the heating pads to a plug, you need to fix them to the outside of the tank. Most modern heating pads for RV holding tank sides come with adhesive tape. You simply strip off the film from the back of the pads, and then press them to the sides of the tank. Hold firmly for a few seconds, and that should secure your pads to the tank.

Step 2 - Heat up the Pads

Now that you have added the pads to your RV holding tank, you only need to plug them in for the tank to be warmed. Your pads can be plugged into the battery, or connected to a socket on the inside of the RV.