How to Install RV Patio Lights

Installing RV patio lights will add a dose of appeal to any RV. Everyone likes the look of a well lit RV patio, as this creates a cozy atmosphere that is ideal for entertaining friends or family. It is also a safety feature, that will help ward off potential strangers that may linger on the surrounding area.

There are many kinds of RV patio lights to choose from. Installation will differ according to the types of lights you purchase, and the make and model of your RV. But the basic installation method requires only simple tools to successfully undertake.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • RV patio lights
  • Awning light hooks 
  • Electrical tape

Step 1 – Open the RV Awning

Open the RV awning by cranking the handle or pushing the “open” button on your RV.

Step 2 – Install the RV Patio Lights

Get the awning light hooks and slide them to the supplied roller tube. Install the lights on the awning hooks and connect the wires that provide power to the RV lights. Other models might come with a socket type installation. Use electrical tape when needed to secure the wiring connections.

Step 3 – Activate the Lights

Turn on the power in your RV and activate the lights.

Your choice of RV patio lights will depend on the brightness and kind of bulb installed. Choose RV patio lights that have a low power consumption, to save energy on all your power needs.