How to Install Shed Trusses How to Install Shed Trusses

What You'll Need
Hammer and nails
Wood glue
Screwdriver and screw set
2x4 pieces of wood (the exact amount will depend upon the number of trusses you need)
Measuring tape

A solid set of shed trusses is crucial for any shed, just as trusses are necessary for any slanted roof on any building. Shed trusses are generally more straightforward to build and install than other types of trusses, however, as they tend to be smaller. The number of trusses that you need for your shed depends upon the total size of the roof, and how much weight the trusses need to support. The minimum number of trusses that you'll need is 2, but you may need more for a larger shed. Consult with a contractor for more information about how many trusses to install.

Step 1 -- Measure the Roof

Obtain a full set of measurements for your roof before you begin. Measure the length and width of the base of the rafters. Measure the height of the roof and the slant of the roof as well. This information is generally included in the blueprints for a shed that was already made, or you may have the information handy already, if you've built the shed yourself.

Step 2 -- Cut the Rafters and Gussets

All of the various materials needed for this project are available at a home improvement store, or at a hardware store. You need twice as many rafters as you need trusses for the shed. If you don't already have rafters, you need to cut them. Use a plum cut on both ends, to ensure that the rafters can be fit into the shed roofing area as smoothly as possible. The gussets are triangular, and will connect the rafters to the trusses themselves. You can purchase separate gussets that are made out of metal, if you'd like. Otherwise, you should cut out equal size triangular pieces from the plywood. The triangles can be about 3 inches on a side. You'll need 6 of these triangular pieces for each truss.

Step 3 -- Assemble the Trusses

If necessary, you may need to assemble the trusses on the ground before you can lift them up. Hammer the rafters into place before you begin. The locations of the rafters should be either where previous rafters were, or across the longest side of the shed. Once the rafters are installed, and the trusses are ready to go, enlist a couple of other people to help hoist them up to the top of the shed ceiling. To secure the trusses in place, fit them into the rafters using screws. You can then cover up these joints with the gussets, which can be either screwed or nailed on top of the rafters.

Make sure that you seal up the joints of all parts of the project with wood glue, so that you have an extra layer of protection on the trusses. 

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