How to Install Shelves Using Drywall Anchors How to Install Shelves Using Drywall Anchors

What You'll Need
drywall anchors
measuring tape

Add storage space to your room by installing a shelf using drywall anchors. This is an easy task and can be completed within minutes. Read on to find out more.

Step 1 – Safety Precautions

Start installing the shelves using the drywall anchors by considering the following safety measures. Work gloves are a must while starting on this job. Also cover your nose and mouth with a mask to avoid dust allergies.

Step 2 – Drywall Anchors

Before you set out on installing the shelf you must make sure you buy the right kind of drywall anchors. There are several different varieties available but make sure you gauge the weight of the shelf and the items that you will be placing on them. Depending on that get a strong enough drywall anchor.

Step 3 – Measure

In this step, you need to measure the shelf. Get hold of a measuring tape and a pencil and measure the breadth of the shelf and mark it onto the wall.

Step 4 – Brackets

If your shelf comes with brackets then you need to take the measurements accordingly. Measure the brackets and mark the points on the drywall.

Step 5 – Level

Get hold of a level. A common mistake while installing a shelf on a wall is to drill the holes in a slant position. A level will help you ascertain that the shelf sits on a straight line.

Step 6 – Predrill

You now have to drill holes on the marked spots on the drywall. The drywall anchors will go into these holes. Before drilling you need to take note of the size of the hole required. The hole should not be equal to or bigger than the size of the anchor. A small hole will help in making sure that the anchor is fastened securely onto the drywall. Select the drill bit accordingly.

Step 7 – Introduce the Anchor

At this point the drywall is ready for the anchors. Use a hammer to introduce the anchors into the holes. Tap on the head of the anchors to make sure it penetrates the hole properly. Be sure to place the anchors through the brackets if the shelf came with brackets.

Step 8 – Screw

Place the screw in the anchor. Use a screwdriver to tighten the screws. The screw helps in strengthening the grip between the anchor and the wall.

Step 9 – Support

The position of the screw into the anchor has a huge role in ascertaining the stability of the shelf. The screws help the tail of the drywall anchor to spread out. This provides the required support

Step 10 – Hang

Now take the shelf and place it on the drywall anchor. Some shelves will require you to place it onto the screws. You may also come across a few shelves that require you to first place the shelf onto the anchors and then follow it up with the screws.

Step 11 – Observe

After handing the shelf on the wall, step back and observe. The shelf should not be slant. Also check its stability by placing books and other objects.

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