How to Install Shut-Off Valves and Supply Tubes Part 1

What You'll Need
Supply Tubes
Pipe Cutters
Joint Compound

You can replace your old shut off valves and supply tubes and replace them with new models without the help of a professional plumber. If your older house had shut off valves and supply tubes installed on the water lines, you may want to install a supply pipe with the shut off valve in your own water supply. In Part 1 of this guide, you will learn how to take out old supply lines, attach compression nuts and rings to your pipe and attach joint compounds to the valve to attach the pipe.

Step 1 - Examining the Supply Lines

Before you can remove the supply lines, you should check the supply lines which are attached to the sink. This will determine the kind of shut-off valves that you will need to fit later. Plumbing straight out of the floor will allow you to fit a straight valve, and if they come out of the wall, then you can use either a straight valve, or an angle valve, depending upon the angle of the wall. It is vital to check the supply lines before you remove them as it might be more difficult to get the valve correct once you do not have the supply lines to look at. Before you remove the old supply lines, you should ensure that you turn off the water and run the excess water from the taps before you begin.

Step 2 - Removing the Old Supply Lines

Once the water has been shut off, you can remove the old supply lines. Begin by unscrewing the compression fittings which hold the supply lines together. You should loosen the fittings until the pipe comes away. You may need to use a pipe cutter to divide the pieces up so that you can pull them away. Pull out the pipes, and remove the pipes from below the sink. You can take the compression fittings off of the bottom of the pipes and discard.

Step 3 - Adding the Compression Nut

Install the compression nut and ring onto the edge of the new pipe. You should install the compression fitting with the threads facing the edge of the pipe which is open. Once the compression nut is fitted onto the edge of the pipe, you can tighten it up until you can't turn it any more. This will ensure that the pipe will not come apart under the pressure of water.

Step 4 - Add Joint Compound

When the compression nut has been fitted, add some joint compound to the edge of tehe pipe, so that you can fit the valve onto the edge of the pipe. You should then add another compression joint, and then you are ready to begin adding the valve to the supply line.