How to Install Single Pane Windows

  • 2-3 hours
  • Beginner
  • 50-125
What You'll Need
Eye protection goggles
Work gloves
Glass for replacement
Long pliers
Putty knife
Glazing compound
Paint brush
Measuring tape

Single pane windows are easy to install if you know the basic terms regarding the window, glazing and other ‘keywords’ that concern its installation. Sometimes our windows tend to rust away after years and years of usage or bad weather. In order to find out if your window needs a new installation of a single-pane window, simply run your hand over the angled edges of your window and see if there is any crumbling bit over there.

If not, then your window doesn’t need a new installation but if there is some rusty, crumbly bit over on the edges and on the pane, then it is about time you installed a single pane window. It’s all about installing, glazing and making your house look beautiful. These simple steps will help you understand the basic purpose of single pane windows. They’re sophisticated, simple and very elegant if you are a fan of simplicity regarding your abode. Safety is required while following these steps. Carefully understand the instructions before applying them.

Step 1 – Remove Window

This is the tricky part of the entire installation process. You need to break the window in order to replace it with the single pane one. Now apply some masking tape across the window so that the shards do not shatter but fall down together. Place a towel over the glass and hit it with a hammer to break it. Carefully take the pieces away with the help of work gloves. Take the glazing compound off of the windowframe.

In some instances, it simply comes off without much trouble. But sometimes it can get tough to remove the glazing. You need to use a chisel on the windowframe. Simply pull out the glazier’s points with pliers. Now sand away to remove traces of glaze. Apply a fast drying primer on the wood that is exposed. While the primer is drying, take the measurement of your window and a replacement glass that is 1/8 inch smaller than the original width and length.

Step 2 – Install Replacement Glass

Apply a bead of caulk around the outer part of the frame. This will take the replacement glass into itself easily without much hassle. You can also use linseed oil to do the same job. Place the replacement glass into the frame and press it down firmly into the caulk.

Step 3 – Finish Glazing and Sealing

Place new glazier points to hold the glass into its place. Smooth down the surface by running down a knife over the rough edges. Clean the glass with turpentine or mineral spirits. After a week is over, paint the seam between the window frame and the glass so that it is protected. Glazing, sealing and installing the single window pane is easily done now. You can use a metal frame to ensure even better positioning of the window. Make sure you wear your work gloves throughout the installation process.