How to Install Slate Roofing Tiles How to Install Slate Roofing Tiles

What You'll Need
Slate roofing tiles
S knife
Shingle Shark for repetitive cuts
A ladder
Roof brackets for additional footing support
Underlayment sheet
Roll roofing material or membrane
A heat gun
Gloves for protection
Hammer and nails
Flashing Material

If you know a few things about synthetic or natural slate roofing tiles, you know that it is a very good option you have for a natural slate look. Additionally, it is quite affordable as well. Synthetic slate roofing of good quality can replicate the look of the typical slate and a stone-like texture. It is a worry-free product that offers less waste and much faster installation. It is lightweight and definitely more inexpensive. Here is a guide on how to install synthetic slate roofing in steps.

Step 1 – Preparation

Roofing shingles are usually sold in squares and they are baled together in squares of three or four. If you want to stock the roof a dozen pieces at a time you will need something sturdy like a milk crate.

You should also make some repairs to the roof if needed before you start with your roofing project.

Step 2 – Installing the Shingles

You need to install the shingles. You will need to remove 6 inches from the 12 by 18 inch slates.Before the installation mark with the chalk to ensure that overhang the drip edge approximately by an inch. Install the first row of shingles having the joints lapped halfway.

Step 2 – Forming Roof Valleys

Form roof valleys, however, if you want to avoid leaks you should shingle carefully. Use the membrane or the rolling material you have and hammer the flashings over the layer making sure that you seal the edges of the roof using strips of the material you are using–membrane or roofing material.

Step 3 – Cutting the Slates

Cut the slates and install them to fit the rib. If there are curves on the roof you will need to use the heat gun to heat and mold the slates forming concave and convex curves where they should be.

Step 4 – Nailing the Shingles

Install the caps over the ridge vent provided using the nails you have. Place the shingles flat and steady and nail them into this position. Always keep in mind to nail the shingles further than 6’’ to the lines you created with the chalk.

Step 5 – In the Case you Need a Second Course of Shingles

If you wish to place a second course of shingles, you should place them on top of the first, placing the cut out edge over the center of the tab in the middle of the other shingle.

Keep in mind that it is recommended to install shingles only over vented roofs.

Additional Tips

  • Installing slate roofing tiles might be a little time consuming and tiring, so make sure you have some buffer time to complete the process.
  • Ensure that you take all precaution measures when climbing up the roof to complete the task. Try to have a helper around.

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