How to Install Slate Tile Siding Part 3

What You'll Need
Slate tiles
Tile cutter
Roofing Tar

In the previous two Parts of this guide to installing slate tile siding on your roof, you removed the slate tiles, added a plastic siding, then furring strips and a piece of copper flashing. You then reinstalled the slate tiles around the roof, readying to add the siding in this installment of the guide. To complete your project, you will need to find some spare slate tiles and cut them to fit the siding you have created. You will then nail the siding down onto the other nails and the flashing before adding some roofing tar to keep the whole area waterproofed.

(This is Part 3 of a 3 part series. To return to Part 2, click here.)

Step 1 - Get Your Slate Tiles

Carry your slate tiles up to the roof all at once, as carrying them up and down can become tiring. You should also carry up the tile cutter. If you have some spare slate tiles form the installation of your roof, these will match perfectly with the rest of your roof, or you can pick out some good tiles that look as though they will blend in with the general appearance of your roof. You will need two tiles for each length of roof, one either side of the flashing.

Step 2 - Cut Your Tiles

Take your first tile, and lay it out on top of the roof. Take the tile which will lay opposite it against the flashing, and mark where they meet. This is the area that you will be cutting, so make sure that you can clearly see where each of the parts lies. Once you are sure that you have the right length, cut off your tiles so that they fit together evenly. Don't worry if you make mistakes, as you should have some extra tile over you can use.

Step 3 - Nail Your Tiles

The next step is to nail the tiles firmly to the flashing. Use proper quality flashing tools for this process, and make sure that you drive the nail in carefully to avoid splitting the slate. You may choose to use a rubber mallet, rather than a hammer, as this can protect the slate tile from the impact of the hammer head. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for all of the tiles that you have.

Step 4 - Add Roofing Tar

To ensure that the roof is fully protected against water, you will need to cover your tiles with a layer of roofing tar. Carefully apply this tar to the edges of the tile with a paintbrush, or you can spread it thickly over the whole area using a general sweeping broom. Spread the tar over the surface, and leave to dry.