How to Install Slatwall Brackets

What You'll Need
Drywall screws
Plastic anchors
Slatwall brackets
Tape measure

Slatwall brackets are another way of mounting cabinets and shelves onto walls. The popularity of slatwall brackets lies in the fact that they make installing the cabinets a great deal easier. By hanging these strip brackets onto a wall, you can confidently hang any kind of heavyweight utility furniture on it, and it will hold it in place for years. These brackets mean that you can install your cabinets onto garage or kitchen walls without having to use studs in the wall, freeing up the positioning of your shelving or other pieces. However, the slatwall itself can become very heavy, and you will need to install it properly before putting anything on it. Fitting slatwall brackets to a wall can be done quickly and easily, assuming that you have some basic home improvement experience, and can follow some simple guidelines to getting the job finished.

Step 1 - Arrange the Brackets

Before you begin positioning the brackets on the wall, you must know the length of the cupboard or shelves you intend to install, and then place your brackets so that they are the right distance apart. As the brackets connect to the shelves or cabinets via hooks, this measurement has to be exact, or the hooks will not match up to the holes, and you will have made holes in your wall for nothing.

Step 2 - Drill Holes

You should now use the space between the brackets to work out where you need to drill the holes. You can use a spirit level if necessary to work out exactly where the holes should be, or you can just trust to your own judgment. Drill the hole only a few millimeters deep, as you will need to install plastic anchors into the wall to support your screws. Drill all of the holes to around the same depth.

Step 3 - Add the Anchors

Take your plastic anchor, and using your screwdriver, push it down into the hole made by the drill. Push and turn the anchor until it is completely flush with the edge of the wall. Repeat for all of the holes you have made.

Step 4 - Install the Brackets

Lift your first bracket, and place it into the wall, holding it in position with your hand until you get the first screw into the mounting hole. Push the screw through the hole, and into the plastic anchor behind. Screw down until the bracket is held firmly, but don't tighten just yet. Repeat for all of the screws, and then tighten them all as closely as you can, one at a time. This will help to prevent the bracket being pushed out of place when you tighten the first screw.

Step 5 - Add a Cabinet

Once this has been done, add the cabinet or shelving that you want to use on the slatwall. The hooks in the back of the pieces should fit into the slats on the bracket, and be held firmly in place.