How to Install Sliding Cabinet Door Runners

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  • 1-2 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 10-50
What You'll Need
Sliding runners
Cordless drill
Wood putty

A sliding cabinet door will make a great improvement in the overall decor of your kitchen. You can pick out everything else, but it will not look good if the cabinet doors do not match. You simply can not do without spending a lot of time researching for the best cabinet doors you can get. One of the parts of a cabinet door that you do not see is the door hinges.

Sliding cabinet door runners are a part of the door hinge that allows the door to come out instead of swing around. They are great for large cabinets that are deep and will carry a lot of weight in them. The bearings on the slider to not get hung up and will slide easily when used. Installing them is an easy project that requires a little time and a few basic tools.

Remove Cabinet Door

In order to put on the new sliding cabinet door runners, you will need to remove the cabinet door from the cabinet face. Remove the hinges that are on it and make any repairs to any damage that might be on the door.

Fill In Screw Holes

If there are going to be screw holes on the door that will not be hidden by the new slider, you should fill them in with putty. Use your scraper and fill in the holes. Once the putty is dry then sand it flush with the door.

Line Up Slider

You will be needing at least two sliders for your cabinet door. They will go on their side like a drawer. Line up the sliders where they will be going on the inside of the cabinet. They will attach a small bracket on the front and back of the cabinet. Mark the holes for the brackets and make sure it is level.

Attach Brackets

Set the brackets over the marks you made and screw them into the cabinet sides to secure the brackets. You will need to do this to both sides.

Attach Slider

Once the brackets are installed in the cabinet, you will need to attach the actual slider to the cabinet door itself. Screw the slider on where it lines up with the brackets.

Slide Door In

Slide the door into the cabinet face and line up the slider with the brackets. They should slide right into each other. Once they are fully engaged, they will click together and not come apart unless they're pried apart with a screwdriver. Move the cabinet door back and forth to make sure it will move freely and will not bind up.

Paint Cabinet Door

Now that your slider is installed you will need to paint the cabinet door to fix any repairs made when you took the door off. Paint according to the colors of your current kitchen decor.