How To Install Sliding Glass Door Locks

What You'll Need
Vacuum Cleaner
Power drill
1/8 of an inch drill bit
1/2 inch drill bit
Tape measure
Steel Punch
Sharpie or Permanent Magic Marker
New Sliding Glass Door Lock Kit

If you want to change out the sliding glass doors that lead to your back yard or patio, you will also need to install new door locks on the sliding glass doors. Installing a door lock on the sliding glass door requires a few basic skills with a drill and other common tools; however, it is a job that most DIY handyman can do themselves. You can accomplish the job in about an hour or less and certainly save a lot of money by not calling a carpenter or glass company to do the work for you. Here is a handy step-by-step guide to help you install a lock in your sliding glass door.

Step 1 – Clean the Sliding Glass Door Track

Use a broom to sweep out the dirt and dust in the track of the sliding glass door. Clean both the front and back of the track. You will need to open the doors and sweep all areas along the track. The broom will loosen the dirt. Then, take a vacuum and vacuum all of the dirt. If the track is very dirty, remove the doors completely and clean with soap and water and scrub with a brush. Allow to completely dry before going any further.

Step 2 – Mark the Mounting Hole

Align the lock at the bottom of the sliding glass door. Tap your finger on the base of the outer door, and listen to find where the glass ends in the base. This will be about an inch below the upper level of the door frame base. Mark that spot with the sharpie. Then place the lock up against the inner door and align the bolt in the lock with the mark you made. Make sure the lock is straight; then use your sharpie to draw a circle in the top screw hole of the lock. This will be where you drill the first mounting hole.

Step 3 – Drill the First Mounting Hole

Take your steel punch; place it in the center of the hole you marked. Then, slightly tap the punch with the hammer. This will cause a small indentation. Next, use the drill to slowly drill the hole out. Be careful not drill to deep because you might crack the glass behind the frame. Also, be sure to apply steady pressure.

Step 4 – Marking the Second Hole

Attach the lock to the inner door frame be screwing in one screw in the hole you drilled. After you carefully tighten the screw and make sure the lock is aligned properly, use your sharpie to make another mark in the other screw hole.

Step 5 – Drill the Second Hole

Follow the same procedure used in step 3 to punch and drill the second hold needed to install the lock. Again, remember to use even, steady pressure when drilling to avoid cracking the window.

Step 6 – Mark the Hole for Lock Bolt

Attach the lock by screwing the screws in to the two holes you have drilled. Next, push the lock bolt in and use the sharpie to draw around the bolt to create a pattern to be drilled out. Then, remove the lock again by unscrewing it.

Step 7 – Drill Hole for the Lock Bolt

Lightly tap an indentation in the mark with the punch and hammer. Then begin with a 1/8th inch drill bit and drill the hole. Then use a ½ inch drill bit to widen the hole.

Step 8 – Install the Lock and Test

Reattach the lock using the two screws. Then push in the bolt to make sure that the bolt slides into the bolt hole. Unlock the lock with the key, and repeat several times to make sure the lock works correctly.