How To Install Sliding Window Hardware

When installing a sliding window the hardware components are fairly straightforward. Occasionally the glider and or the weather stripping may become worn or damaged. If this occurs, these components may need to be replaced to ensure that the window continues to operate properly. In most cases, if you have to replace either of these two components it is best to replace both.

Tools and Materials Needed

•    Phillips head screwdriver
•    Utility knife
•    Level
•    Brush
•    Vacuum
•    Rag
•    Rubber mallet

Step 1–Remove the Window

If you are replacing either the glider or weather stripping, you will need to remove the window. To do this, gently lift the window up and guide the bottom over the lower track. Once you have pulled the bottom half out you can pull the window from the frame.

Step 2–Clean the Track

Using a vacuum and a brush, remove any debris such as dirt or sand that has built up in the window track. Using your rag and a little water wipe the track down until it is fully clean.

Step 3–Obtain the Components

You can find weather stripping and the glider component at most hardware stores. If possible, bring your window with you to ensure that you get the correct components.

Step 4–Remove the Glider and Weather Stripping

Using a Phillips screw driver, remove the glider from the window frame. Make sure that you pay close attention to how the original glider was aligned. You may even want to draw a mark on the frame to make sure you stick with alignment. Use a putty knife to remove the weather stripping.

Step 5–Install the New Glider

Install the new glider exactly where the original one. Remember to make sure that the new glider is aligned in the same fashion as the original glider. Tighten the screws into the frame using your Philips screwdriver.

Step 6-Install New Weather Stripping

Remove the sash from the window frame and slide the new weather stripping into the sash. Reattach the sash to the window frame using a putty knife, screw driver or utility knife. Press gently on the sash until it is firmly in place.

Step 7-Reattach the Window

Install the window back in the window frame. To do this, push the top half of the window into the upper portion of the frame. Push up on it gently and insert the lower half of the window into the lower portion of the window frame. Finally, gently release the window until it is sitting properly in the window frame. Test the window to ensure that it is working properly by sliding it back and forth on the track several times.