How to Install Slotted Rotors How to Install Slotted Rotors

What You'll Need
Slotted rotors
Socket wrench and socket sets
Jack and jack stand
Screw driver
Brake cleaner
Wrenches or pliers
Protective overalls, working gloves and gas masks

The correct way to install slotted rotors is by considering the position and operation of internal cooling vanes. Do not pay too much attention to the direction of the slots on the outside of the rotors. They do not have a direct relationship on how they are to be fixed in the car. Rotors with slots either have slots machined in the same direction as internal cooling vanes while the other has slots leaning towards the back of the cooling vanes.

However, for rotors that have straight internal cooling vanes, they can be installed in any direction which fits best in the car.

Step 1 – Correct Rotors

If slotted rotors are being replaced in the car, then make sure to get the correct fit in terms of diameter and thickness. Use a pair of wrenches or pliers to loosen lugs nuts that hold the wheel on the wheel hub and carefully position the jack at the front jack position on the car. Remove the wheel.

Step 2 – Clean Brake Components

When the wheel is released from position, it exposes brake bolt and nuts, calipers, retaining pins and rotors. Use a clean rag and brake cleaner to remove grease, oil and debris from these components. Do not work on braking equipments with bare hands.

Step 3 – Remove Brake Calipers

Use socket wrench and the correct sized socket nuts to loosen bolts and nuts that hold bake calipers in place. Do not use too much force as this can damage threads and on the studs. Remove the calipers and take off the stock old pads. Loosen and remove the two bolts that hold the caliper mounting bracket. Remove it as well and place it on a clean surface.

Step 4 – Remove Old Rotors

Remove the dust cap from the rotor; keep it safely as it can be reused. Get a screwdriver to loosen retaining pins, remove them to release the old rotor from position. Use a mallet or wooden hammer to tap the rotor; it makes it come out surface easily. Inspect the mounting surface, clean the area using a rag and brake cleaner to remove grease, oil and debris.

Step 5 – Install Slotted Rotors

Clean new rotor with break cleaner and dry it, position it on the hub. For rotors with slots machined in the same direction as the cooling vanes, make sure slots lean toward the back of the car. For rotors with slots machined in the opposite direction as internal cooling vanes, make sure slots lean toward the front of the car. Make sure it is fastened and secure

Step 6 – Reinstall Other Components

Reinstall the caliper mounting bracket and brake caliper. Reinstall retaining clips and use bolts and nuts to secure calipers. Position the wheel on the wheel hub and fasten it using lug nuts.


Check the run-out of the mounted disc and make sure it is as specified by the car manufacturer. It should not exceed 0.15mm or 0.005mm. Replace it with a new one if it is below recommended guidelines.






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