How to Install Solar Roller Shades How to Install Solar Roller Shades

What You'll Need
Solar roller shades
Measuring tape

Solar roller shades are a great alternative to blinds or curtains. They are easy to open and close by simply pulling one side of the string. Roller shades come in different colors and material that you can match with your room’s interior. They are also available in different levels of opacity depending on your privacy needs. Solar roller shades help keep the temperature low inside a room by deflecting sunlight from the outside but still making the outside view visible and people from the outside will be unable to see through these solar roller shades. They are much easier to clean than blinds or window drapes that tend to be very heavy.

Step 1 – Choose a Location

Determine if you want to install your shades inside the window frame or outside. If you are placing it inside the window frame, get precise measurements. First get the width and then the length. Do not add an allowance or lessen the measurement. A roller shades professional will know what size you will need based on the exact size of the window framing. If the window is a standard size, it will be easy to get one right away but if it isn’t, you would have to have one custom made.

Step 2 - Pre-fit the Solar Roller Shades

Climb the ladder and take the roller shades to see where you will be drilling the hole for the roller shades mount. For roller shades, it will usually by on the sides. Mark the location where you will drill and then bring down the shades and set aside. Make sure they are even by measuring from the top part of the window frame to the mark you made. The two sides would have to be even. Add 1/8" of additional space from the top so that the roller shades will be able to roll and unroll freely without obstruction.

Step 3 - Drill Holes for the Mounts

The solar roller shades will include mounts for you to install. Once you have drilled the holes, install the mounts and additional screws to hold it in place. Once again, measure the location of each mount to make sure it is even once the shades are installed.

Step 4 - Install Solar Roller Shades

Take your solar roller shades with both hands and mount them on the mounts. Secure them in place. Take your level to check if it is even. Repeat this process if you have a few more shades to install.

Step 5 - Test the Roller Shades

When one side of the string is pulled it will roll the shades up and when the other string is pulled it will bring the shades down. Make sure there are no obstructions when you pull the strings.

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