How to Install Solid Hardwood Stairs

This article will provide you all the steps you should know if you are looking to install solid hardwood stairs anywhere in your house. Installing hardwood stairs is a relatively painless process that can substantially increase the beauty and elegance of your home.

Tools and Materials:

  • Power Saw or Hand Saw
  • Protection Glasses
  • Square Set Ruler
  • Decorative Plywood
  • Hardwood Planks
  • Construction Glue or Wood Glue
  • Plaster of Paris

Step 1: Remove the Lip from Each Stair

Traditionally, each top surface of the stair protrudes out. When installing solid hardwood stairs, this needs to be cut. Wear you protection glasses and with the help of a power saw, remove this extension from each stair. If the slab on the stairs does not protrude out, skip this step and start from step two.

Step 2: Putting on the Side Wall of the Stairs

With the help of a square set ruler and a strip of cardboard, create a template that will aid in making a side wall (stringer) of the stairs. You can use simple or even decorative plywood to put on the wall, depending on your preference. If the stringers already exist on the side wall, you can create false stingers using the same procedure and glue them to the wall side.

Step 3: Measure the Front and Top of Each Stair

You need to create more templates for the front and top of each stair step and then number them starting from the top to bottom. Make sure you recreate the protruding part of the upper slab of each stair. There can be some minor differences in the stairs. This step will help you achieve perfection.

Step 4: Cutting Hardwood Planks

With the help of these templates, cut the hardwood planks and number them exactly the way you numbered the templates. If you want, you can also take the slabs to the market to give the ends a smooth and round affect. This will add to the style of the stairs and give it a more professional touch. To do it at home, grind the edges with sand paper or hard file.

Step 5: Installation

Install the stringers coverings you initially created. You should use strong glue to paste the stingers to the wall or to the previous stringers. Make sure that the wall and stair surface is completely moisture free. Construction glue would be best suited to the task.

Once the stringers are permanently placed, you can now start your work on the stairs. Note that you need to start from the top stair first and then come down. Carefully put the top slab in place with glue and put some finishing nails in for a permanent job.

First, put all the stair tops in place as you did for the first stair, and once they have all dried, put in the front slab of each stair. Once all the slabs are in place, use plaster of paris mixed with appropriate paint to completely hide the nail marks on the stairs.

There you have it, your house looks as grandeur as ever and you can take all the credit for yourself!