How to Install Sony Car Speakers at Home

What You'll Need
Flathead screwdriver
Philips screwdiver
Needle nosed plier
Sony car speakers
Speaker harness adapters

Most people can’t afford to just trade in an old car for a fancy new one with a great sounding stereo whenever the mood strikes, but installing Sony car speakers is one such way to transform a ho-hum ride into a bass-pounding entertainment system. Don’t bother spending hundreds getting your mechanic to install the new speakers—this is actually a relatively simple job that you can do yourself within an hour, at a minimal cost beside the price of the speakers. Check out the steps below to learn how to install Sony car speakers at home.

Step 1 – Disconnect Car Battery

Whenever dealing with electrical repairs of any sort, safety comes first. It is imperative that you cut the juice before you start opening up your car and messing around with wiring. Pop your car’s hood and disconnect the cable from the negative end of the battery in order to ensure that no power will be coursing through your car’s wiring while you’re working.

Step 2 – Remove your Car’s Door Panel

The process of installing Sony car speakers will vary somewhat according to what model car you have. In some cars, to remove the old speakers, you simply have to pop off the speaker grill and remove it. In many other car models, however, you will have to remove the door panel to access the old speakers. Again, this will vary according to what kind of car you have, but for most models you can use your flathead screwdriver to pry off the panel with the window controls and lock switch in the arm of your car door. At the back of the panel, unscrew the screws holding in those controls. Slide you screwdriver around the edge of the door handle to pop it off (you may need to unscrew it, depending on your model of car). Then, use your needle-nose pliers to pull out the interior clip.

The door panel is now ready to be removed. You should be able to remove it by pulling the entire panel up and towards you, although in some car models, there will be popping mechanisms around the panel that you simply unpop. Be careful not to damage the panel as you remove it, especially in older cars which are more fragile. You shouldn’t need to use too much force. Remove any wiring connections that remain.

Step 3 – Remove Old Speakers

Now that you have access to the old speakers, simply unscrew and unclip them from the speaker harness, if your car uses that instead of wires. Otherwise, unclip them from the wiring. Repeat this entire process for both doors.

Step 4 – Install Sony Car Speakers

If you car uses wires, you can use wire stripes to cut off the factory adaptor, and simply splice those existing wires into the new speaker connections. Otherwise, screw in the harness adaptor ring, slide the speaker wire onto the speaker, and mount the speaker onto the bracket with the supplied screws. Put the door parts back on in the reverse order that you removed them.

Step 5 – Install Speakers in the Back

If you’ve got speakers in the back of your car as well, you can simply replace these by taking off the rear deck lid. Once the old speakers are visible, unscrew them just like the front speakers, clip on new adapters, plug in the new speakers and reinstall the deck.

Step 6 – Turn the Juice Back On

Finally, you can turn your car battery back on and close the hood.