How to Install Soundproof Glass

What You'll Need
Glass sheets
Screw Driver
Insulation Foam or Seal

Soundproof glass is used for a variety of essential or luxurious needs. Soundproof glass is ideal to make your own home cinema theater or just to enjoy the peace and quiet in your home by blocking unwanted external sound, such as, traffic noise, etc. There are different types of soundproof glass available on the market, but in order to make the best out of them you have to choose one that fulfills your needs. Another property of soundproof glass is that it also acts as an insulator, thus stopping drafts, resulting in cheaper electric bills. 

In choosing your soundproof glass it is advisable to buy at least an 1/8 inch thick glass, allowing enough space between the 2 layers to effectively bar sound out of your room. Obviously, because installation is a crucial step, if you don’t have any type of experience in handy work you might want to contact someone who does like a professional glass installer. However, if you won’t to try it yourself, here is how it’s done.

Normally vinyl is used instead of wood for the frame because wood tends to transmit sound. To add further protection, soundproof glass is laminated by a layer of transparent plastic, thus giving the glass protection against ultraviolet light and makes the glass shatter resistance for safety.

Step 1 – Fitting the Window

A soundproof window can be quite heavy so it’s better if you ask a friend to help you. The first thing to do is to fit your glass sheet into the frame. Don’t rush this step because it’s essential that it’s perfect. Check that all of the corners are in their correct place to avoid any loosening at a later stage.

Step 2 – Insulation Foam

Now once the soundproof glass is in its frame, fill the gaps with the insulation foam. Double check your work to ensure that no gaps have been forgotten. To ensure the best work possible, overflow the insulation foam and clean it with a moist cloth afterward (don’t let it dry because it will be much more difficult to remove). In this way you make sure that all of the gaps have been properly filled with the insulation foam.

Step 3 – Install Screws in the Frame

Your next step is to replace any screws that you have taken out of the frame to fit the soundproof window. Ensure that all screw have been placed back in their original position.

Step 4 – Last Checks

Once everything is installed check that all is in place and also check that all of the locks and other bits and pieces work. Now leave the seal to dry.

Step 5 – Double Soundproof Window

For maximum quality you can install 2 soundproof windows. The method is the same but obviously the frame has to be able to support 2 soundproof glasses.