How to Install Spring Loaded Hinges

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  • 2-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 20-50
What You'll Need
Spring loaded hinge set

Spring-loaded hinges are commonly found in screen doors. The spring-loaded hinge provides the necessary tension to allow a door to close without slamming. If you need to replace these hinges, it will require a slightly different method than other types of hinges.

Place the Hinges

You will need to place the hinges against the surface you are working with. For a door, you will want the hinges placed 10 inches from the top and bottom of the door. Trace the outline of the hinge.

Tap Out the Area

A spring-loaded hinge does not come apart. Because of this, you need to create an indent on the surface for the hinge to sit. You can use a chisel and tap it with a hammer to create a cut deep enough for the hinge to be placed.

Drill a Pilot Hole

Use a pencil to mark the surface with the area for the screws. You can then drill a pilot hole to make installation easier.

Attach the Faceplate

Place the hinge in the proper location and attach the faceplate. The spring-loaded hinge should have come with screws for this.

Attach the Door

You can place the door in position and finish installing the screws through the faceplate.