How to Install Stained Glass Adhesive

What You'll Need
Stained glass film
Copper foil
Silicone Caulk
Any transparent adhesive for glass
A hand-held water sprayer
Kitchen knife

Knowing how to install stained glass adhesives is a crucial part of glass-work. To make your work look clean and professional, you need to follow proper methods that describe adhesive use. Gluing stained glass films and copper foils to glass, although easy processes, cannot be properly completed without a know how to use adhesive. If you are interested in glass-work, follow the steps below to learn the methods of proper adhesive use.

Step 1 – Take Appropriate Precautions

We recommend the use of gloves for two very important reasons. The first being the protection offered by them against sharp edges of the glass that you will be working on and the second being the protection against a possible allergic reaction to the chemicals in the shampoo. Work in a non-windy, well-lit environment to ensure minimum disturbance while working. If the glass edges are sharp, use sandpaper to sand down them down.

Step 2 – Cleaning the Glass

Make a mixture of shampoo and water in the hand-held water sprayer and shake vigorously. Spray copious amounts of the mixture on to the glass and dry using a cleaning rag. This ensures that there is no dust or oil on the glass and results in a cleaner finish. You can also use a dedicated glass cleaner to do the job. After cleaning the glass, move on to the next step of sticking on the stained glass film or copper foil.

Step 3 – Sticking on a Self-Adhesive Film

With progress in technology, the market has seen a rise in convenient products that enable you to decorate glass without going through a lot of trouble. Stained glass film and copper foils come with an adhesive chemical on one side. Remove the foil that covers this side and start from one corner of the glass, pressing down all the way to the top to stick the foil or film. Make sure that you go through this process slowly and carefully to avoid the build up of air bubbles. To remove any air bubbles that do get caught in the foil or film, press hard to smooth them out or re-stick the entire film. Working on the glass in this manner will result in a well-finished end product.

Step 4 – Using Adhesive to Stick Foil or Film

In case of sticking a non-transparent film, only to be viewed from the front of the glass, you can potentially use any type of adhesive but we recommend silicone caulk. Apply sparing amounts of silicone caulk on the glass and spread using a knife. Make sure that the adhesive makes a very thin, uniform layer over the surface of the glass. With this done, slowly stick on the film or foil much in the same way as done in step 3. If you have to stick on a non-opaque foil then it is crucial to use a transparent adhesive. Scan the hardware store and ask the sales representative to help you in choosing such an adhesive. You are to use this adhesive in the same way as described previously.

Step 5 – Finishing Up

Trim out pieces of film that do not fit the glass to get a finished look. Use a cleaning rag or damp cloth to wipe the glass of adhesive that might have oozed out from underneath the film.