How to Install Stair Carpet

What You'll Need
Stapler and 1/2 -inch staples
Tackless strips
Carpet pad
Heavy work gloves
Safety goggles
Tape measure

Follow these simple steps to install stair carpet. 


      Attach the Strips  

      Start by marking the center point of each stair. Apply a tackless strip 1 inch from the back of each stair. Make sure you leave at least a  ¾-inch bare space on either side.

      Next attach a strip to the front of each stair using the same method and measurements described above.  

      Lay the Padding 

      The next step is to measure and cut your carpet padding. Make sure you have enough padding material to attach to the strips all the way up the staircase. Attach the padding with the staple gun, leaving approximately 6 inches between each staple.  

      Lay the Carpet 

      Starting at the rear of the first step, start pulling the carpet onto the tackless strips. Press the carpet on to the tacking on the first stair. Be sure the carpet is secure before continuing to the other stairs.

      Continue this process for the rest of the stairs until you reach the riser on the last stair. Secure the carpet on the riser with staples about 4 inches apart.