How to Install Stair Carpet Rods

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
3/32-Inch bit

Stair carpet rods serve a practical as well as decorative function. They are installed at the back of each step of the stair, keeping the stair case runner carpet in place and preventing it from moving. This helps avoid accidents that may occur due to tripping over the stair carpet. The rods should be installed over a stair rod protector, if there is one. Stair rods have a distinct flair to the staircase because of the various finials and rod designs that are available. The steps for installing stair carpet rods are mentioned below.

Step 1: Lay Carpet

Lay the carpet on the padding which is anti skid. Ensure that you start the process from the top most stair. Once you laid the carpet, now its time to place the holders. At the end of the rods, place the holders. They are to be placed in pairs.

Step 2: Drill Holes

Using a pencil, mark the location where screw holes will go. Now, with the help of drill, drill holes for screws. Use a 3/32-inch bit. Once done, mount the screws.

Step 3: Remove Crease

Smooth the carpet and make sure that no creases are left. Now, put the rods in the holder slots and lock the latches. Also, check the alignment here.