How to Install Step Deck Lights How to Install Step Deck Lights

What You'll Need
Step deck lights
Electric drill and drill bits
Low-voltage transformer
12-volt electrical wiring
Electrical tape
Safety glasses
Measuring tape
Staple gun

Deck lights are a great addition to any landscape décor. Not only does the soft illumination beautify your landscape, but it can also make the outdoors safer. This guide explains how to install step deck lights.

Step 1 – Plan the Light Placement

Make a quick sketch of your steps and use this sketch to help plan where to place your deck lights. You should also measure the distance from the steps to the transformer so you know what length of wiring to buy.

Step 2 – Install the Light Fixtures

You install different types of light fixtures in different ways. Some have metal fittings which you screw into place on the step. To install this type of deck lights, place the fitting in the location you want to install it and trace around the fitting. Make sure to mark the locations for the screws. Drill the screw holes and screw the lighting fixture into place.

For flush-mounted lights, following the manufacturer’s specifications, drill a socket into the step and drop the light in.

Step 3 – Wire the Deck Lights

Once the lights are in place, connect the lead wires from the lights to the 12-volt electrical wiring. Cover each of these connections securely with electrical tape.

Step 4 – Connect the Deck Lights to the Transformer

Run the 12-volt electrical wiring to the transformer and connect it. Then staple the electrical wiring to the deck so it doesn’t move around.

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