How to Install Storm Window Shutters How to Install Storm Window Shutters

What You'll Need
Strong Water Proof Plywood Sheet of desired length
Wood Sheets
Wood Varnish
Measuring Tape

Storm window shutters are a simple and cost-effective way to protect your doors and windows along with your household items during a storm. They offer a strong defense mechanism during mild sea storms or against stronger cyclonic disturbances. If you live in a cyclone-prone area, the home installed shutters should be coupled with heavier frames that can be attached later on by a carpenter. Using these simple materials and a patient, step-by-step approach, the window shutters can be put up in no time at all.

Step 1: Selecting the Shutter Material

Depending on your location, you must decide if you want a permanent framed shutter of the Bahama variety or if a plain wood or ply shutter would suffice. If your area experiences disturbing weather frequently, it is wise to invest in a permanent shutter that requires professional help. If not, as a temporary measure you could do with the wood and ply sheet shutters.

Step 2: Measuring your Window

Take proper measurements of your window frame from the inner portion of the house using a measuring tape. The reading must be precise so you can purchase the wood or ply at the exactly measure as your window dimensions. While mounting the shutters, leave only an 1 inch gap between it and the window frame. Purchase the sheets to be used from the closest hardware store. If using wood, it has to be oak or cedar as it offers resistance against moisture. Otherwise, the ply used must be extremely strong with waterproof guarantee.

Step 3: Installing the Shutters

Take the ply or wood and heave it against your window. Make sure they sit straight. Ask somebody to hold them while you mark the points for inserting screws on all four corners of the shutters and also the wall.

Step 4: Drilling

Use the electric drill to make holes that penetrate through your ply into the wall. However, keep in mind that the drilled hole does not reach too deep into the wall. Now drive in the screws through them and tightly secure them with the aid of a screwdriver.

Step 5: Setting up Channels

Purchase a shutter kit that provides an H-header and F-track. If you want to install the header drill in the holed places, drive screws through it. If not, directly fix up the F-track with screws according to the instruction manual. The instructions vary according to the brand of the kit you purchase. Once the track is in place, it works as the shutter channel. This makes closing and opening of the shutter easier.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Paint the shutters with a varnish for a smooth finish and look. You may also use decorative tapes on all four sides for more strength. Leave them to dry for a day. Since wood and ply is used, the shutters can be removed at will. Just keep the header and track stored carefully, repeat the above steps and you can re-fix your home made shutters anytime again.



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