How to Install Swivel Chair Casters

What You'll Need
Drill bits

To make swivel chairs even more convenient, consider installing swivel chair casters on them. Follow the simple steps below to effectively install casters on a swivel chair.

Step 1 – Choose the Right Caster

Whether you plan to use your chair on carpeted or hardwood floors will determine which kind of caster you use. To avoid scratching or scarring a hardwood floor, install a caster with a softer wheel such as rubber or polyurethane. A hard caster of larger diameter will roll more easily on carpet.

Step 2 – Choose the Right Socket

Choose from a variety of sockets such as those that insert into a hole, those that attach by screwing them to a flat surface, and even those that are designed to work better on a wood chair leg. Your caster will adhere more solidly when attached to a matching socket.

Step 3 – Attach Your Socket

For the caster socket that screws onto a surface, drill screw guide holes in the chair. Attach your socket by screwing it onto the chair leg. For the socket that fits into a hole, drill a hole slightly smaller than the socket.

Step 4 – Insert Your Caster Stem

Finally, insert the stem of your caster into the socket you've attached to your chair.