How to Install Table Corner Brackets

What You'll Need
Corner Brackets

Installing corner brackets on your table will help secure the sides together as well as the legs. Corner brackets will prevent your table legs from being detached from the rest of the table. The installation isn’t anything major so you can probably do everything in an hour or less. You can pick out decorative corner brackets if you’re that particular about aesthetics but a simple one will do just fine.

Step 1 – Pick Out the Right Corner Brackets

Corner brackets can be made of different materials. The most popular of which may be wood but the iron ones have they’re charm as well. No matter what kind of bracket you decide to use, make sure that it is just the right size for your table.

Step 2 – Drill Holes on the Table Legs

You will need to drill holes on your table legs in order for you to install the corner brackets. Often, there are four sides to each table leg with two sides exposed and the other two sides nailed into the corners of the table. Attach a corner bracket on each exposed leg side. Attach them with the use of screws. Do the same thing for each table leg.