How to Install Tamperproof Screws

What You'll Need
Special tamperproof screw tool provided with the screws to match their shape
Electric drill

Tamperproof screws are difficult for people to vandalize or remove unless they have the proper tools because the screw heads are specifically designed to be unique. When installing these screws, follow the simple steps below.

Step 1 - Attach the Tool to the Electric Drill

If the tool for your tamperproof screws is without a handle, you may be able to attach it to an electric drill for easy screw installation. However, you do not need to use an electric drill. You may be unable to use an electric drill if the tool already has a handle.

Step 2 - Turn the Screws Clockwise

In order to install the tamperproof screws, you simply need to line the screw into the appropriately-sized hole and use the tool or the tool attached to the electric drill to turn the screw to the right. Continue turning the screw clockwise until you encounter resistance. Make sure the screw turns into place in an upright fashion; screws that tilt will not be properly installed.