How to Install Teak Wood Flooring

What You'll Need
Concrete fastener
Epoxy mortar
Floor stapler
Teak wood flooring boards
Miter saw

Installing teak wood flooring is a nice way to add an ornamental value to the home interior. Teak wood has grains that form wonderful patterns, giving the floor an aesthetic boost. Unlike hardwood floor, teak wood floors are much more affordable and are easier to install. Typically, teak wood flooring is nailed to a wooden floor rather than being glued. For a wooden floor, installing teak wood flooring is quite easy because it only involves fastening the teak wood subfloor to the wooden floor. It will be more difficult, however, when the floor is made of concrete. Even so, installing the flooring can be done as a do-it-yourself project.

Step 1–Prepare the Floor

Clean the floor to remove any debris. Check if there are cracks that need to be repaired. For cracks, use an epoxy mortar to cover them up. Allow the mortar to dry and use a sander to make it smooth.

Step 2–Add a Plywood Subfloor

Create a plywood subfloor to hold the teak wood subfloor. Installing the teak wood boards directly on the concrete floor is not as easy as it sounds because teak boards are made of small boards with a smaller surface area as compared to plywood. Buy a sufficient amount of plywood to cover the entire area of the floor. Cut some of the plywood to fit into the corners and sides of the floor area. Make sure you leave a small gap (about ¼-inch) between the plywood boards to allow them to expand during humid days.

When the plywood boards are set into place, fasten them to the concrete floor using concrete fasteners or concrete nails. Four fasteners for each plywood board will be sufficient to hold them firmly in place.

Step 3–Choose Teak Wood Floor Pattern

Select flooring pattern according to your taste. When buying teak wood boards, consider the flooring pattern that can be created during the installation. There are teak boards that can be set on the floor to form a puzzle-like design. There are also simple teak board designs that are square or rectangular in shape. Simpler designs allow easier installation and fitting. For people who want to make their floor a bit more ornamental, there are flooring designs available online or in home improvement shops.

Step 4–Install the Teak Flooring

Start at a corner of the flooring area and set the teak boards to form the desired pattern on the floor. Fit the boards end to end and start the fastening process. Use either a floor stapler or a nail gun to secure the boards in place. Make sure to fasten all four corners of each board to the plywood subfloor to ensure maximum strength. For the last row, cut the boards according to size using a miter saw or any other saw fit for the job and install the cut pieces.