How to Install Thermal Pane Windows

What You'll Need
glass cleaner
hand planer

Installing Thermal Pane Windows is a quick, do it yourself project. This job does not require much materials and it also does not require much time to complete the job. Thermal pane windows add a lot of character to the appearance of the window and are also highly functional. Read on to find out how to install thermal pane windows.

Step 1 – Safety Measures

Installing thermal pane windows can be done well within an hour. You will need to take all safety measure while doing this job. Wear your work gloves and cover your nose and mouth with a mask.

Step 2 – Prep Work

Prep your work area. If you have drapes hanging, take them off. Make sure the work space is free of any clutter.

Step 3 – Clean

You need to now make sure the window is rid of any dust or dirt. Use a glass cleaner that has an ammonia base. Use a clean rag to wipe the window. Make sure that the rag is lint free.

Step 4 – Inspect

After you clean the surface, inspect the window. There should not be any signs of dust or debris. In case you find dried drops of paint scrape them off.

Step 5 – Trial

Run a trial round with the thermal pane windows. Place them in the opening by sliding the thermal pane windows into position. Ensure that the fit is snug.

Step 6 – Inspect the Fit

Inspect the fit. If you find that the thermal pane windows do not fit right then you will have to make minor adjustments. The adjustments will help the windows to achieve a snug fit.

Step 7 – Adjustments

If the opening proves to be too small then you will have to sand it. Sanding will create more space for the new windows. In case of wood sills use a hand planer. Shave away the wood to widen the opening.

Step 8 – Recheck

Determine if the manually induced opening is correct. Slide the thermal pane window into position. If the fit is proper then take the window and place it aside and go on to the next step. If not you will have to continue sanding and adjusting the opening as required.

Step 9 – Caulk

Apply silicone caulk on the interior edge of the old window. Make sure that the caulk is of good quality. Do not apply an excessive amount of caulk.

Step 10 – Place

Place the thermal pane windows for the last time. Lift the windows and slide them into position. Make sure you slide the frame in an upright position.

Step 11 – Secure

Take the flange and nail them to the sides of the old window. Check whether the window is opening and closing smoothly.

Step 12 – Final Step

In order to mask the nailing on the window use a wood trim on it. Inspect the surrounding area. The paint may have come off while sanding or you might have an uneven surface. Make sure that you touch up the area with paint.