How to Install Thin Brick

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Thin bricks
Soft Bristled brush
Power saw
Dust mask

In order to install thin brick on your own, you should read through the following guidelines. Thin brick is increasing in popularity because aesthetically it looks just like actual bricks, but it has the added advantages of being lightweight and calling for little maintenance.

Step 1 - Calculating the Amount Required

Start off by calculating how much thin brick you will be needing, according to the dimensions of the area you intend to cover.

Step 2 - Applying Scratch Coat

Apply a scratch coat of mortar over the wall where the bricks will be installed. Then, using a brush with soft bristles, roughening up the surface of the scratch coat. This is done so as to ensure a better adhesion once the bricks are installed.

Step 3 - Preparing the Thin Bricks

Csing a trowel, coat the back of the bricks with mortar.

Step 4 - Installing the Thin Bricks

Install the thin bricks by pressing them against the wall coated with scratch coat. Make sure that they are positioned straight and even. With a sponge, wipe away any mortar that might ooze out from around the brick, before it hardens up and gets more difficult to remove.

Step 5 - Cutting Bricks

You will probably have to cut some of the thin bricks, so as to fit them in gaps. Use a power saw, with a masonry blade attached, to do the cutting. Throughout the cutting procedure, make sure to wear a dust mask and goggles.