How to Install Thin Brick Veneer around an Outlet

What You'll Need
Brick veneer
Drill and bit
Jig saw or saws all
Tape measure

Mounting thin brick veneer is very similar to installing paneling, you will have to cut holes in it for your light switches and outlets as you move along in the project.

Step 1 - Remove the Outlets

Before you can install thin brick veneer to your walls where there are outlets, light switches or sockets, you will want to remove them from the work area. Use your screw driver to remove the face plates and set them to the side.

Step 2 - Measure and Cut Outlet Holes

Measure the distances from the top of your wall, and from the bottom of your floor to the actual outlet. Take exact measurements and then apply these to your thin brick veneer so you can cut out your outlet holes.

Step 3 - Cut the Outlet Holes in the Veneer

Use a drill to bore a hole on the inside your outlets measurement on the thin brick veneer. Once you have this hole started, you can use your saws all, or jig saw to cut out the opening as evenly as possible.

Step 4 - Mount your Veneer

Once you have the outlet hole cut into your thin brick veneer, simply mount the sheeting as you would any type of tile. Once the sheeting is is mounted into place, use a screwdriver to reattach the outlet and switches face plates.