How to Install Tile in Your Fiberglass Pool

What You'll Need
Utility knife
Liquid detergent
Paper towels
Waterproof adhesive
Plastic spatula
Caulking gun
Marine-grade silicone caulk
Wet vacuum
Push broom
210-grit sandpaper

You can add class and style to your fiberglass pool by tiling the bottom. Glass tile adds a shimmering bottom to this type of pool when previously it was dull. The article below will show you how to install glass tile on the bottom of a fiberglass pool.

Step 1–Prepare the Fiberglass Pool

You cannot install tile in water, so drain the pool and remove excess water with the wet vacuum. Once the pool is dry, sand the bottom of it. Sweep up all of the dust and debris and then clean the bottom of the pool with acetone. Allow the pool to dry again before continuing.

Step 2–Measure the Tile

In order to properly tile the pool, you need to know how much tile you actually need. Glass tile for this type of project often comes in sheets connected by wire mesh. Measure the width of the pool, and this will tell you how many sheets of tile you need so you can trim the excess. If the tile is uneven, you will need to cut the actual tile, which will mean using a wet saw.

Step 3–Apply the Adhesive

In most circumstances, you would apply the adhesive directly to the floor and place the tiles. For this project, you will be applying the adhesive directly to each tile in several thin lines. Use the spatula to apply the adhesive to the bottom of the glass tile in a thin layer. Make sure the adhesive is spread evenly over the back of the entire tile.

Step 4–Place the Glass Tile

Begin at one far side of the pool by placing the first sheet of glass tile. Make sure the edge of the tile is against the wall before carefully laying it flat. Once the tile is down, press on it to help the adhesive stick. Place the edge of the next set of tile against the first, carefully lower it to the surface, and press down on it firmly. Continue in this fashion until the bottom of the pool is covered with tile.

Step 5–Grouting

Wait for the adhesive to dry, which will take about an hour. Use the caulking gun and apply a bead of caulk around the edges where the pool wall meets tile and between each tile as you would with any other kind of tile. Once the grout is applied, use the float to spread it out evenly. Work in sections, and as the grout is applied, use a rag to clean off the excess.

Step 6–Finishing Touches

Place a small amount of detergent on the edge of the scrubber and clean the grout. Rinse off the soap with some fresh water. Use the wet vacuum to remove the water. Mix vinegar and water together and use a sponge to wipe down the tile. Give the tile two days before filling it with water.