How to Install Timber Windows How to Install Timber Windows

What You'll Need
Finish nails (3 inch)
Felt paper
Wood shims

Installing timber windows is a complicated job even for those who have considerable experience in DIY. However, if you follow some simple steps and can carry out the job yourself, you will save a worthwhile bit of money.

Step 1 - Apply Felt Paper

Felt paper should be used to waterproof the installation. This needs to cover the entire opening of the window. Wrap the felt paper around the sill and down the wall’s front as well.

Step 2 – Unpackage and Prepare the Window

The new window will likely be packaged using nails and straps to keep it together. Unpackage the new window and remove these before continuing. Place the new window into the opening. The bottom of the window should also be completely level. If it is not, apply shims to the bottom to make it level. Use a spirit level to check this.

Step 3 – Secure the Window in Place

Place the first nail into the window’s bottom right corner. This needs to be on the outside of the window where the trim overlaps the outside of the wall. Using the level to guide you, make sure the window is vertically plumb with the frame. Nail each corner in place and then fill in each area between with more nails. Finally, set the nails. 

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