How to Install Tin Corrugated Roofing How to Install Tin Corrugated Roofing

What You'll Need
Tin corrugated roofing
Roofing felt
Metal ridge caps
Metal screws
Heavy-duty stapler
Caulking gun
Jigsaw with metal cutting blade (if needed)

Despite the antiquated look, it’s worth learning to install tin corrugated roofing because this type of roofing is actually very durable. As an added incentive, these days you can purchase sturdy tin roofing in almost any color. Tin is one of the most resilient materials even though it’s so inexpensive and if tin corrugated roofing is installed properly, it could potentially last you a lifetime. 

Step 1 – Purchase the Materials 

Tin corrugated roofing is purchased in sheets that measure 42 inches by 10 feet. Measure your roof and calculate how many sheets you’ll need to purchase. You’ll need metal screws appropriate for your roofing material. You may want to purchase screws that match the color of your tin sheets. Also, purchase roofing felt for the same surface area of the roof. Finally, purchase enough ridge caps to cover the ridge on the rooftop and the edges of your tin roofing. 

Step 2 – Set the Roofing Felt 

Fiberglass roofing felt is necessary for waterproofing your roof. It’s okay to install roofing felt and tin corrugated roofing on top of previously installed shingles. Use the heavy-duty stapler to attach the roofing felt to your roof. On the outside edges, staple every 3 inches. In the interior of the felt, staple every 2 feet. When you overlap separate rolls of roofing felt, make sure the sheets overlap by at least 6 inches. 

Step 3 – Position the Tin Roofing 

Start at the bottom of the roof and set one sheet of metal roofing. You should leave the tin corrugated roofing hanging over the edge by 2 inches. It may be helpful to have someone help you align and position the tin sheet. 

Step 4 – Attach One Sheet of Tin Roofing 

If you have a helper, have this person hold the sheet in place as you drill in with metal screws. Make sure to insert the screws in the troughs of the corrugated material that’s flat on the roof at 12 inch intervals across the entire sheet. 

Step 5 – Attach the Rest of the Sheets 

Once one sheet is secure, place the next sheet overlapping the first so that it matches the ridges and troughs of the first sheet. The two sheets should overlap by 2 inches. Use your caulking gun to apply a bead of caulk between the sheets as extra adhesive. Screw the second sheet into place. Continue in this fashion until you’ve covered your entire roof with the tin corrugated roofing. If a sheet hangs way over the edge of your roof, you may need to cut it to the appropriate size with a jig saw that’s equipped with a metal cutting blade. 

Step 6 – Install the Ridge Caps 

Ridge caps add the finishing touch and extra security against water seepage. Set them along all the edges of the roof and screw them into place. The ridge caps should overlap by 2 inches.

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