How to Install T-Molding for Laminate Flooring

What You'll Need
Tape measure

Installing laminate t-molding is necessary when installing a laminate floor next to ceramic, wood, or other laminate flooring. It gives you a way to adjoin the flooring, and provides a finished look. Here are the basics of how to install t-molding for laminate flooring.

Step 1- Measure the Opening

The first thing that you need to do is measure the opening that you plan on installing the t-molding in. Use your tape measure to get the dimension and then mark the t-molding where it needs to be cut.

Step 2- Cut the T-Molding

After you get the appropriate measurement for the t-molding, you need to cut it with your saw. Make sure to make a clean cut so that the veneer on the laminate t-mold does not chip off.

Step 3- Install the T-Molding

If your t-molding comes with a track and you want to install it that way, attach the track to the sub floor. The track should have pre-made nail holes to work with. You can lay it down on the ground and then hammer a nail down through each hole. If you do not have a track, you can apply adhesive to the bottom of the t-molding and stick it to the floor in that manner.