How to Install Trellis Panels

What You'll Need
Trellis panels
Fence posts
Pegs and string
Anchors for posts (to be used in the ground)
Metal panel brackets
Galvanised nails (preferably 65mm)
Wood stain (optional but recommended)
Spirit level
Masonry bit

Trellis panels are an effective way to divide gardens. Apart from this, trellis panels offer an attractive addition to your garden surroundings. You can either buy them ready made from any local wood store or better still, build your own panels. As you may know if the panels aren’t installed properly than the trellis won’t offer any real resistance to wind and rain. This article will show you how to install trellis panels securely. 

Step 1 - Making a Plan

Use pegs and string to lay down the line where the trellis screen will be installed. Put the panels on the ground and mark the spots where the posts will be installed. This plan is the ground work before you start to install the trellis panels. This is very important since it will determine how much material you will need.

Step 2 - Inserting the Posts

In order to ensure maximum effectiveness, it is better to use post holders. Pour some concrete mixture in the ground marked earlier and put in the post holder. Pour some concrete onto the base of the post holder, leaving the top part clearly visible. Leave them to dry completely. Posts shouldn’t be more than 6 1/2 feet apart. Insert the post into the post holder. Use a masonry bit to drill the holes. and secure the nut with a spanner. Make sure to check that the post is level and straight by making use of the spirit level. This method is not the only one you can use to install posts, but this is one of the most secure methods.

Step 3 - Install Brackets

Once you have securely installed two posts than it is time to install a bracket. Use two bracket panels per post. The first one should be about 12 inches from the top of the post and the other brackets should be approximately 12 inches from above the soil level.

Step 4 - Installing the Trellis

The trellis last longer if it doesn’t rest on the ground. Try to install the trellis 4 inches above the soil level. Leave 0.2 inches tolerance between the trellis and the post. Ideally, use 3 inch screws to install the trellis panels. Continue until all of the trellis is installed. Use nails in the top part of the posts to further secure the trellis.

Step 5-  Paint

The last thing to do is to paint your finished trellis panels. Use the right shade of stain or paint, so that it will blend easily with the rest of the wood in other parts of the garden. For a better result, apply more than one coat. Staining is not only used for aesthetics purposes but for protection as well. By staining or painting your trellis, you will be protecting it against normal weathering which garden furniture are daily exposed to.