How to Install Trim Tabs

What You'll Need
Trim tab kit
Electric drill
Drill bits
Transmission fluid
Marine sealant
Small screwdriver
Fuse holder
Hook up wire
Wire ends and splice connectors
Meter tape measure

Trim tabs are essential gears for any boat. This type of boat accessory helps in trimming the angle of the boat’s speed. Follow these steps to install trib tabs on your own.

Step 1 – Check the Contents of Your Trim Tabs

Your trim tabs kit has a manual listing down all the materials it contains. Check to see if all of the components listed are included in the kit. Inspect each of the components to check on any factory damage or similar things. If something is missing, immediately return it to the manufacturer of the shop where you bought it. Do not forget to bring the receipt so you can easily have it replaced.

Step 2 – Position the Trim Tabs

Your trim tabs should be located as far from the boat’s center.  Measure at least two inches away from the onboard steering angle.

Step 3 – Measure the distances.

Before drilling holes into the transom, make sure that distance from the center line are also equal to the distance of the trim tabs to the transom’s outer bottom.

Step 4 – Drill Holes

Using one of your hand, hold the trim tabs in the right position. Carefully drill two holes into the transom. Make sure that these holes are at least 1-inch deep. Place two screws on both of the holes. You do not need to tighten the screws for now. Drill more holes you would deem necessary.

Step 5 –Apply Marine Sealant

Apply marine sealant on the mounting holes. Slime sealant along the mounting bracket to ensure that no leaks could get through the holes. Dust away the debris with mineral spirits.

Step 6 – Install the Trim Tabs

Position the trim tabs on the first two holes that you drilled. Put on their crews separately. This might be possible by using one hand to screw down and the other to hold the trim tabs in place. Insert all the screws after you have positioned the trim tabs.

Step 7 – Check for Any Error in Measurement

Measure every distance again to check if there is anything wrong. Once the measurements are cleared, proceed on tightening all the screw of the trim tabs.

Step 8 – Cover Screws with Sealants

Ensure the full tightness of the screws. After that, apply a generous amount of sealant around each screw. Inspect if any holes also needs more filling up. Wipe away the sides that were not affected the drilling so that you can see if there was any part that was accidentally brushed by the bit. Apply sealant to those specific parts. Be sure that all sealant have been dried before using the boat.