How to Install Triple Pane Replacement Windows How to Install Triple Pane Replacement Windows

What You'll Need
Replacement window panels
Rags and window cleaner
Felt weather stripping

You can save an additional 10 to 20 percent on your heating and cooling bills by installing triple pane replacement windows. They have a higher UV protection built into most of the newer units and also provide a triple pane level of heat and cool air displacement from inside and outside of your home. Traditional windows actually have been calculated to lose 90 to 95 percent of hot and cold air through the window jams themselves. This can also have an effect on soundproofing your home or office as well by reducing noise as it comes through the window from the outside.

Step 1 - Repair Worn Weather Stripping

When you replace your old windows with the new triple pane replacement windows, you are going to want to do some checking of the weather stripping in the top and bottom of the sill. If you see that this stripping is worn, broken or incomplete, simply hand measure a length of the felt stripping and apply it. You should be able to simply peel off the old stuff and apply the new by removing the sticky covering on the bottom. Once you have the old windows out, you can set them aside to focus on the stripping before installing the new units.

Step 2 - Remove the Old Windows

Once you have repaired the weather strips, you can now take out the old windows and set them to the side. These should simply pop out of the window frame without much effort. At the top should be two securing clamps, which will drop your window pane outward toward you, thus releasing the top. On the base of the window should be several more clamps, one on each side, and once these are triggered, the entire window should simply pop out. Remove both windows in this method, and then you are ready to install your triple pane replacement windows.

Step 3 - Cleaning the Window Jams

Before you install the triple pane replacement windows, check the sliders or window jam for cobwebs, dust or grime and clean the tracks out with your rag and window cleaner. this will prevent bugs from growing inside the window jams where you can not see them, and also remove grit and grime from slowing or altering the movement of your window panes.

Step 4 - Install the New Windows

Once these steps are complete, you are ready to install the triple pane replacement windows. The process is the reverse of how you took the old ones out. Simply attach the bottom of the window into the track and lock the lower securing clamps into place. Now you can simply push the top of your window in, and it should click into position with ease. The top of the window may have other securing clamps that help keep the window on track as you open and close it, so be sure these are locked in to prevent them from simply falling out during future use.

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