How to Install Truck Vent Visors How to Install Truck Vent Visors

What You'll Need
Vent Visor

Truck vent visors can be installed on your truck to give it a more customized look. The vent visor, also known as a window deflector, attaches to the side of the window. Installing a vent visor requires the purchase of a visor that is designed for your truck and attaching it to the window. This article explains the process for completing this installation, including the material needed to install a vent visor to your truck, the visor. 

There is not a lot to the process of installing vent visors. You purchase a visor, selecting the type that best matches the look you want and snap it in place. For the few types of visors that are available that do not snap into place, a simple adhesive material can be used to affix the visor, provided that it is applied carefully. Understand that if you choose to use an adhesive material to attach the vent visor to your truck window the resulting installation will be close to permanent, so choose the vent visor for truck carefully.

Step 1: Purchase a Vent Visor

Purchase a vent visor for your truck. This can be done by going online or to an auto parts store that sells aftermarket parts. The vent visor fits over the top or upper lip of the truck window. It should be easy to fit in the space above the window during installation.

Step 2: Place the Visor on the Window  

Place the vent visor in position above the window and snap it into place. Most vent visors, by the way they are designed and look, snap into place and do not require any additional tools or process to attach.

Step 3: Alternate Ways to Attach the Visor

For the type of vent visors that do not snap into place you will need to apply an adhesive to the side of the visor that attaches to the top part of the window. It should not be necessary in most cases to apply an adhesive or use any other type of fastener to attach the visor to the window. When using an adhesive you want to be careful not to apply too much solution to the vent visor or it will be messy.

Step 4: Selecting a Visor for Your Window

Another aspect of the installation process for your truck involves selecting the right type of visor for your window. The right visor is one that provides you with the noise deafening features that you are looking for and gives you a sleek and custom design for your truck.  

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