How to Install Vinyl Double Pane Windows How to Install Vinyl Double Pane Windows

What You'll Need
Double pane window replacements
Felt weather stripping
Window cleaner

Replacing your current windows with vinyl double pane windows can save you money on utility bills in the long run. You will find that the added pane will help keep cold air outside and warm air inside in the winter, and the opposite in the summer. You will also suffer lower amounts of air loss through the glass itself during cold months. They will cost a bit more than your single pane windows did. However, you'll make up for it in energy savings for many years to come. It is suggested that anyone still using single pane glass should seriously consider switching types of windows and save some of your hard earned money.

Step 1 - Remove the Old Window Panes

First, you will want to remove the old windows by unclasping the clips on the top left and right of the window sill. Once these two clips are retracted, the window should be easily pulled out from the top and rest in your hands. You can then unclasp the two bottom connectors holding the window in,and the entire window case should come out. You are now almost ready to install your vinyl double pane windows.

Step 2 - Replace Broken Weather Stripping

Before you install your new vinyl double pane windows, double check all the weather stripping in the top and bottom of the window jams for breaks or cracks. If you find any that are in a bad condition, take them out and replace them with new material. If there is none in the jams to start with, place one single strip across the center of where the top and bottom windows fall to help in sealing the windows better. The strips should run left to right in the center of the window section that will be pushed flush against the window sill when closed. This will add an extra seal to your windows and decrease the amount of air lost from around cracks in the frame.

Step 3 - Install the New Windows

Attach the bottom of your vinyl double pane windows to the track, and then simply push it up into place. It should lock in without much effort and move freely up and down the rails. You can clean these tracks out, using your window cleaner and rags, which should prevent any buildup that may interrupt freedom of movement. For hard to reach stuff such as lint or dust bunnies, you can also use compressed air to blow the waste out of the track. Clean up any waste and other particles from your work area.

Step 4 - Test the Tracks

Be sure to test all your vinyl double pane windows once they are installed to make sure that they function properly and without error or hesitation of any kind. If you do find interruptions in the windows movement, double check to make sure it is locked into the tracks properly. All four clamps have to be locked into place on each window casing for them to work properly.

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