How to Install Vinyl Garage Door Trim

Garage Door
  • 4-6 hours
  • Beginner
  • 25-150
What You'll Need
Vinyl door trim
Safety glasses or goggles
Measuring tape
Screwdriver with a flat head
Finishing nails
Rough sandpaper
Sander (optional)
Tape measure
Hack saw
Weather Stripping

Vinyl garage door trim acts as a cachet between the garage door jamb and the garage door. Usually, the trim is made in wood however it is now available in vinyl as well. Vinyl trim is used the most nowadays and the reason for this is the easy installation of vinyl trims as well as the variety of colors available. Vinyl garage door trims are affordable as well as durable. The following steps will guide you on the installation of a vinyl garage door trim.

Step 1 – Removing the Old Trim

You will have to remove your old trim before you install the new one. While removing it, make sure you open your garage door since it may accidentally get damaged when you remove the old trim and ensure that the installation area should be thoroughly cleaned and dried. Considering the size of the trim, you now need to use a crowbar or a screwdriver with a flat head, to remove the trim from the doorpost. You may use prongs of the hammer to remove all of the nails or you may simply pull them off. Once you are done with removing the trim, you may polish the trim area with sandpaper to make it smooth the trim newly attached; a sander may be used for this process.

Step 2 – Taking the Measurements and Cutting the Trim Above the Garage

Once you are done with removing the trim, you now need to close the garage door and take the exact measurements of the garage door, inside the doorjambs with the help of tape measure. Make sure you write down all the measurements. Measure the height as well as the width of the door. Then use the saw to cut up the trim to the appropriate size which you have measured.

Step 3 – Placing the Trim Above the Garage Weather

Now place the trim over the garage and you may ask for your friend’s help for this. If you want to put any kind of weather stripping that you should locate it before you lift up the trim because it might be inconvenient for you to do this later. Lift up the trim and place it at the location you want. Hammer the trim with the finishing nails and to get the best results, ensure that the nails are approximately a foot away and the rubber edge is slightly attached to the garage door.

Step 4 – Placing the Trim to the Sides of the Garage

Put the trim down and place the weather stripping in the same way you did before. Then hold the trim at its place and hammer nails in the same way; a foot away from each other. You should start by doing one side at a time, and ask your friend’s help to clasp the trim when you hammer in the nails so that the trim is straight and firm. After placing the trim you can use a caulking substance for filling or sealing the areas that you have missed. This will make your garage watertight or airtight.